The Construction to Perm Loan, 101


Everything that you wanted to know about construction to permanent financing explained in a way that is easily understood! Construction Permanent Lending 101 The Homeowners Guide to Understanding Construction Permanent Loans Construction permanent loans have been around for quite a long time…and for many good reasons. For those planning to build a new primary or second home, construction permanent mortgages offer convenience, cost savings, and permanent financing options not available with other residential financing products.…

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The Current Interest Rate Environment


What impacts mortgage interest rates and what impact do mortgage rates have on our economy Over the course of the last several months we have seen significant changes occur in the our industries interest rate environment.  The majority of the reason for this has to do with the Federal Reserve making mention of “tapering” of their asset purchases(treasuries and mortgage bonds).  The Federal Reserve and their commitment to the purchases of treasuries and mortgage backed…

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The Importance of Using a “Local” Lender


Avoid potential pitfalls of buying in a coastal market by using a local lender I think that the common misconception to most consumers when they are looking at borrowing money to purchase a home is that “a lender is a lender”.  I admit that in a lot of markets and in many instances, this can be the case.  However, if you are looking to purchase in a coastal market, you likely need to think again. …

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Mortgages frustration and the importance of service


I wanted the first blog entry on my website to be something interesting and important and pertinent to the mortgage industry. Of course, trying to write about something interesting in regards to the mortgage industry can be challenging at times. I think that most people nowadays think of words like “frustration” and “challenging” when it comes to trying to obtain a mortgage in most cases. We are a service based industry but unfortunately due to…

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